Better Sportsmanship

Project First Team will be a nonprofit organization founded with the mission of encouraging better sportsmanship among parents whose children participate in youth sports.  The goal is to provide a social platform by which parents from different teams are able to socialize, interact and show their children that what matters most is that they provide a positive influence or environment for the kids.  By teaching and demonstrating to kids important life lessons such as better sportsmanship and the value of the strength of one community made stronger by positive relationships – parents’ perspectives on how they approach competitive sports should change from animosity to character building for their children. A resource for parents, allowing parents to become a Project First Team member, to interact with one another, be available for any sport and in any language. Just as each team has a parent team manager who is involved in scheduling matches, etc., there will be a team Project First Team ambassador who will be responsible for reaching out to the other team’s ambassador to help with anything that the visiting team needs and for maintaining a positive sideline.

Parent Promise

A pledge for parents to sign that lays out the guidelines, provided by Project First Team, that parents should adhere to while involved in their childs’ sports experience. 

An example of the Parent Promise

As a parent or fan of a child competing in youth sports, I understand that the importance of teaching valuable life lessons far outweighs whether our team wins or loses.  I understand that my behavior, what I say, what I do, particularly towards others while I cheer and support the team – all has an effect on my child’s experience, as well as on others who are involved.  It is my desire and my PROMISE to do everything possible to make my child’s experience a positive environment by treating everyone with respect, following all rules of my child’s team, organization and that of the youth organization involved and to refrain from criticizing referees, coaches, players or using abusive, derogatory language towards other spectators.  I PROMISE to set high standards on how I act, what I say, to lead by example and to show children, especially my child, appropriate sideline behavior that begins with the ‘golden rule’ and includes encouraging others do the same and for me represent myself, our team and our organization in a positive manner.  I PROMISE to enjoy the experience.