Better Sportsmanship

Love the Game

Know that it is only a sports competition, for fun.

Understand that life lessons for the children are far more important.

Respect every individual and apply the golden rule – treat others as you would want to be treated.

Be Positive, always, for the players, coaches, refs and other parents.

Support your child and their team by being a positive, constructive influence.

Encourage your child to treat others with respect, to be positive and work to be a role model that other, particularly younger participants can look up to.

Enjoy the Experience of spending time with your child, other children and the community.

Perspective – understand that the strength of character and having a positive influence is far more important than win or lose.

Cheer not Jeer – Cheering either for your child, your team (or even opponents team members) and not communicating negative statements towards others has a lasting, positive influence.